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Wanted: Open & Honest Communication

Nowadays you always hear people say “that company is terrible” or “I can’t stand how badly that company treated me !” With the rise of social media and an ever increasing online presence, it’s easy to judge a person or company based on their online reputation. While the world wide web offers a good starting point, your own investigation is needed. At times, online reviews are outdated, offering a glimpse into a time when poor management was in charge or a new philosophy encased a growing company.


When searching for a new partner for your event, be sure to contact them personally.

Do they offer everything you’re looking for?

If they don’t, are they willing to accommodate you?

Are they easy to reach, whether by phone, email or in-person?

Do you understand each other, is communication free-flowing and easy?


Don’t settle for less. Your wants and needs are important, the company (and people) you choose to work with should realize that.