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Listen. Learn.

“When in doubt, be human.”

As I read Seth Godin’s blog this morning, his last sentence struck me. His blog spoke of customer service and truly listening to what your customers have to say, especially when they are unhappy.

How many times do we treat people like a number? How many times do we focus on quantity over quality?

If something isn’t working, maybe Seth is right, maybe it’s time to take a step and act humanly.

Wanted: Open & Honest Communication

Nowadays you always hear people say “that company is terrible” or “I can’t stand how badly that company treated me !” With the rise of social media and an ever increasing online presence, it’s easy to judge a person or company based on their online reputation. While the world wide web offers a good starting point, your own investigation is needed. At times, online reviews are outdated, offering a glimpse into a time when poor management was in charge or a new philosophy encased a growing company.


When searching for a new partner for your event, be sure to contact them personally.

Do they offer everything you’re looking for?

If they don’t, are they willing to accommodate you?

Are they easy to reach, whether by phone, email or in-person?

Do you understand each other, is communication free-flowing and easy?


Don’t settle for less. Your wants and needs are important, the company (and people) you choose to work with should realize that.

Go, go! Now stop.

If you’re like most people in the modern world, you day begins almost as soon as the previous one ended. Before you get out of bed you’re checking your phone, looking to see what messages you’ve missed throughout the night & adding more to your “to-do” checklist.

As I entered the Omni hotel in Washington, D.C. for HSMAI’s MEET conference, I felt overwhelmed. Not just because I had driven almost two hours before 10am, or because I had just given up my arm & leg for parking, or even because I was so late I had missed the first two breakout sessions.

This & a combination of all the emotions a young professional has, moved my mind to the verge of implosion.

I walked into the hotel just in time for the keynote speaker. Juliet Funt. I immediately liked her. She was animated, entertaining, & easy-going.

Her topic: white space. The time you spend just THINKING. Where you aren’t running all over the place, aren’t multi-tasking, aren’t moving or DOING anything. The time where you stop, breathe & simply appreciate what surrounds you.

It was refreshing, listening to Funt speak.

There were two main reasons she said people had no white space in their lives, needed white space…

1. You conform to society. The people around you are always going & going so you, in turn, feel the need to always go. Don’t. Take some time to breathe & unclog your mind.

2. You constantly ask yourself, “what else?” There will always be something that CAN be done. But sometimes it’s best to take a step back & come back to it later. Or, maybe, let someone else take care of it.

So take some time to breathe today. To gather in white space. To refocus.

Remember Your Virtual Audience

With the advantages of technology nowadays more and more events are being broadcast or live-streamed. If this is the case for your event you may want to take a moment and think about your virtual audience. A lot of planning goes into making the local attendees feel comfortable and welcome, but what about those at home? After reluctantly having to be a virtual attendee to one of my favorite conferences recently, I realized those stuck at home often want to feel like they’re a valued part of the event just as much as the local attendees. Here’s a few points I identified that you may consider:

1. Listen to them – Have someone monitor your social networks for the comments and feedback that your virtual audience is giving. It could be something as small as responding to a comment asking if a local resource such as a handout will be posted online for their access, or as big as letting you know your live-stream feed has no audio.

2. Greet them – When the program hosts and speakers are welcoming the local audience remind them to welcome the live viewers as well. If you recognize their presence and appreciate their time they may be more likely to give back in ways such as donating to your cause or making an effort to attend the next conference.

3. Invite them to participate – If you plan to facilitate local audience interaction, go the extra mile and take the time to provide a number for text messaging or an email address so your virtual attendees can participate as well.

I’ve only mentioned a few basic ideas here. You can think of more for your event, I’m sure. Go ahead, think outside the box and add your own unique touches! Who knows, your virtual audience members may become some of your biggest fans and decide to come and support the full local event next time!

Jenae Teale


Money Matters But So Do Relationships

It’s easy to lose focus on monetary matters.

While it’s always a good idea to go with the most affordable deal, sometimes paying a few extra dollars is worth it. However not everyone working with you, on your team, may feel this way. You may struggle to find a compromise within your team; things can quickly spiral out of control.

Remember to look at the big picture.

Haggling over a miniscule amount of money may cause riffs in your relationships, with your vendors, with your clients, with your guests. This makes it hard for others to trust you or want to work with you. It can hurt your reputation if you are known for fighting for every bit of money.

Instead, make your desires clear then listen to what they want. Many times people simply want to be heard and if they feel like you or your team are making things difficult, the hostility begins, then escalates.

Take a step back. Take a deep breath. Now focus.

Mobile App & Other Good Things

It seems like everyone is glued to their smartphones, nowadays. From it we get our news, entertainment, socializing, directions, and so much more. So it only makes sense to use it for events, right?

That’s what we thought too, so coming soon – Eventos will have it’s own mobile app. With it, both event planners and attendees will be able to communicate on a whole new level; attendees will interact with not only each other, but with their hosts as well.

Here at Eventos we’re ecstatic to come up with a mobile app that will encompass the needs and desires of our clients. If you have any ideas on what would be a great feature for our app, let us know! We would love to hear from you.