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Putting Together An Event Budget

You have an event that you are putting together. In order to figure out how much you will have to pay for everything, some research is required. So you search some venues. And some caterers. Maybe the guy to work the lights and sound. After you get some numbers together, do you know how much it’s all going to cost you?

Here’s an article on how to create the spreadsheet that will keep all your costs organized:


So now that you know how to create your budget, do you have everything itemized? It’s alot, isn’t it…

Don’t forget to put away about 10% more than your estimated expenses, you never know what might pop up and surprise you.

The good news is, you can stop freaking out now. Eventos finds those big ticket items for you and helps you stay on budget. We help keep you organized too. Now take a deep breath; you can do this. We can help.

Budget, budget, budget. Over, under, who knows?

Budgeting is hard. Or should I say, sticking to a budget is hard.

No one likes being the one who gets blamed when too much money is spent. However whenever a group comes together & things don’t quite work out the way it was intended, someone is bound to become the scapegoat.

Luckily there are ways to minimize the likelihood of casting blame & one of them is communicating!

When multiple people are in charge of handling an event’s monetary funds, things can get out of control very quickly.

Use platforms that have real-time updates where individuals can enter any incoming and outgoing monetary amounts. Also make sure that everyone who has access to the event accounts also has access to the platforms, this way everyone will be on the same page when it comes to knowing how much money is available to use.

Regularly monitor the entries and check them against bank statements to ensure they match. Nothing is worse than realizing that the amount of money you thought you had is nowhere near what is actually available.

It may also be a good idea to assign just one person to track all the money coming in and going out. That way you can be sure that you never go over budget and that your event accounts are always watched over.

Handling these issues are tough but it can be done. Open dialogue and a clear understanding is key. Repeat things until they stick. And then repeat them again and again. Have regular team-wide conversations so no one is left in the dark or confused.

“New Year, New Me”. Not quite.

Every new year, people always say “New Year, New Me”. This is the year they’re going to go to the gym every day. This is the year they’re going to improve their diet. This is the year they’re going to lose 20 pounds.

And every new year, there are also people who say they’re tired of hearing “New Year, New me”, because they know most people will stop with their new year’s resolution before January ends.

Well this year, Eventos continues the commitment to provide event logistical solutions with highly personalized service; we pride ourselves on how thorough we are with our clients.We look forward to what this new year holds and all the plans we have made. On behalf of the entire Eventos team, we thank you for the support.

Good. Great. Greater Than Great.

“If only they knew how good I was”

This is the frustration we’ve all faced. You’re GREAT at what you do! But we want you to be even greater. Did you get that? GREATER THAN GREAT. Sure your event is amazing, but why not make it spectacular? Why not make it unforgettable? We can help. Let us help. Let us be the nuts and bolts of your event so not only you realize it’s greater than great, but your attendees do too.

Contact us today & together we’ll be greater than great.

Everybody Is Not The “Perfect” Client

“Small business is not a target market.”

Wow. What a powerful statement. So many times it’s easy to lose focus and try to reach everyone under the sun. Hate to break it to you but not everyone wants what you’re selling. How many times have you met someone and thought “Hey! This could be my next perfect client!” Only to realize that maybe they’re not so perfect after all. You can’t please everybody and you shouldn’t even try! It’s not worth the time you could be investing in the real perfect client.

Lunch Is A Hard Decision

Not every event provides lunch and that’s okay. But an event that provides their attendees with a list of local eateries is great (insert thumbs up here). It’s easy to assume that your event attendees are local and know the area. Perhaps they passed plenty of eateries on the way to your event. Or maybe you assume that everyone will know where to go because “this city is infamous for so and so.” Whether or not they have an idea of where to go, it’s still nice for them to know that their host was thinking of them, especially when they didn’t have to. It’s the small, personal touches that people remember.

Change Your Venue Change The World

Sometimes the most unexpected places, become the most perfect places. In a crowded city, you don’t always need the big venue that will hold half the population; sometimes… most the time… all of the time, really, a small audience that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a crowd of people that are only half listening. Most wouldn’t consider using a small loft apartment in Soho as their venue, but hey, what not?! Or how about an upper room at a bar or restaurant? The possibilities are endless. It’s easy to believe a large impact on the world means a massive crowd at every one of your events. But it only takes one person to change things, so why not invite them to your event and maybe even change the world.

Listen. Learn.

“When in doubt, be human.”

As I read Seth Godin’s blog this morning, his last sentence struck me. His blog spoke of customer service and truly listening to what your customers have to say, especially when they are unhappy.

How many times do we treat people like a number? How many times do we focus on quantity over quality?

If something isn’t working, maybe Seth is right, maybe it’s time to take a step and act humanly.

Wanted: Open & Honest Communication

Nowadays you always hear people say “that company is terrible” or “I can’t stand how badly that company treated me !” With the rise of social media and an ever increasing online presence, it’s easy to judge a person or company based on their online reputation. While the world wide web offers a good starting point, your own investigation is needed. At times, online reviews are outdated, offering a glimpse into a time when poor management was in charge or a new philosophy encased a growing company.


When searching for a new partner for your event, be sure to contact them personally.

Do they offer everything you’re looking for?

If they don’t, are they willing to accommodate you?

Are they easy to reach, whether by phone, email or in-person?

Do you understand each other, is communication free-flowing and easy?


Don’t settle for less. Your wants and needs are important, the company (and people) you choose to work with should realize that.