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Phase I

Planning (where, when, how)

  • We help with vendor communication, including: working with hotels to help you manage your relationship, accurate meal estimations, updates on what size is needed for meeting rooms, etc.
  • Charges and payments report: to help in managing cash flow.

  • Financial reports: updates on who has paid, how much progress has been made towards your event goals, etc.

Phase II

Online Registration

  • Simple data retrieval: we have the ability to show you who has submitted a registration form, but has not paid.
  • We offer highly customizable reports and systems that can handle the most complex registration procedures.
  • Early-bird and regular registration is always available, but special promotions can also be done for VIPs, speakers, etc.
  • Promo codes can be used at checkout, to give discounts or enable an attendee to pay with check or cash at the door.
  • Each registrant receives a unique user ID, so tracking their event attendance is easy.
  • An easy tabular format gives attendees simple and easy access throughout the sign-up process.
  • Live check-in updates for registrants.
  • We can export excel files of active registrants (and other data as needed).


  • Moving attendees throughout the city, if transportation is needed to and from your event.
  • Transportation for guided city tours are available if a group outing is desired.
  • We can help with your long distance travel needs, offering discounts for air and land.

Phase III

Event Communication

  • We offer onsite SMS and email to participants, whether large groups or granular targeted groups.
  • Customized emails for attendee engagement – e.g., upsells for the conference
  • For attendees who haven’t done so already, weekly emails to remind them to sign up for housing.
  • Any attendee with a pending registration can receive an automatic email follow-up, encouraging them to complete the registration process,
  • Each event session has its own meeting summary report of which participants are planning to attend.
  • Weekly updates to the client event manager with all available data and statistics on event.

Onsite Staff Support

  • Badges can be printed out on location and reprinted as needed.
  • Optional equipment rental for on-site management : such as, badge re-prints invalidate old badges, for increased onsite security and cost effectiveness; for example, if meals are tied to badges.
  • We have the ability to run a secure conference through badge check-in at each session.
  • Badges can be deactivated, which alerts staff if they try to check into your event, in case attendees try to enter without your consent.

  • Badge scan report – customize when and where you scan.

Post Event


  • You have access to a post-event statistics dashboard where all types of data is available, down to which participant attended each session.
  • Every keystroke done on the registration system is saved so you feel confident in having a record of all activity pertaining to your event.
  • You and other vital members of your event planning team have the opportunity to complete surveys that will serve as a starting point for future events.

We see your vision. Let’s make it happen, together. Eventos also offers:

  • CE certificates: tracking your participants attendance to ensure they rightly receive credit for their continuing education classes.
  • Visa letters: if you would like participants to attend from around the world, we make it easy to send the necessary documents to the Embassy.
  • Credential checking: we double check your attendees to make sure they are who they say.

  • Merchandise: books, t-shirts, etc. are all available with your logo.